Wellra juicer
Wellra juicer
Wellra juicer
Wellra juicer
Wellra juicer

Wellra juicer

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Twin Gear Juicer

Superior quality cold-pressed juicer from all ingredients and especially from greens.

  • BEST for extracting juice from vegetables, wheatgrass, leafy greens, sprouts, herbs.
  • High juice yield – extremely dry pulp compared to any other juicers including vertical slow juicers.
  • Concentrated & high-quality juices that are rich in nutrients and minerals.
  • Various functions like natural ice cream with frozen fruit, peanut butter, meat grinding, coffee grinding.
  • The low-speed motor eliminates oxidation therefore preserving the enzymes.
  • Silent operation and long life

Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer is designed and developed by the South Korean company Wellra. Wellra also manufactures OEM solutions with slow juicers for other well-known brands.

The powerful system has double presses and slow extraction, 160 rpm, which makes it possible to crush, grind, extract nutrients and vitamins from vegetables and fruit. WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer extracts wheatgrass, hard-pressed leafy vegetables, and fruits. Perfect for squeezing your daily celery juice!

WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer is a good investment for your health.

Power: 150W
Weight: 9.3 kg
Dimensions: 410 X 310 X 280 mm
Warranty: 5 years on the engine, 2 years for remaining parts

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