Vitamix Explorian E310
Vitamix Explorian E310
Vitamix Explorian E310
Vitamix Explorian E310

Vitamix Explorian E310

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The Vitamix Explorian Series E310 Blender is their entry-level model but it doesn't skimp on the power just because it's a little less expensive. It retains all the quality and durability that is associated with the iconic Vitamix name while keeping things simple and intuitive at the control panel end. The 1.4-liter jar is ideal for most blending tasks and the 2hp motor delivers more than enough blade force to cope with all the heavy-duty blending that raw fooders and health enthusiasts love to do.

What makes the E310 unique?

  • Simple and intuitive variable speed and pulse controls
  • Powerful 2hp motor
  • 1.4L jar with stainless laser cut blades
  • Thermal cut out overload protection

What sets Explorian apart from the Ascent series?

It has no wireless connection or Self Detect and Lock technology. The E310 also has no pre-installed programs but is controlled manually with variable speed control and heart rate function. Otherwise, it is just as powerful, and it can perform the same techniques, but in smaller volumes. Is not compatible with any of the Ascent series accessories and jugs.


Power: 2 HP
Wight: 5,3 kg
Size: L: 23 cm, W: 20,3 cm, H: 45,7 cm.
Warranty: 5 years.

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