Scalp & Body Comb
Scalp & Body Comb
Scalp & Body Comb

Scalp & Body Comb

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CHIA's own design. Treat body and scalp with this multi-tool in the bian. Use combing/ rubbing movements to increase circulation and reduce pain.

Effective Gua Sha for scalp and body (some uses even on the face) with focus on tension, circulation and pain.

Bian contains over 40 different minerals and increases the energy of the skin like infrared rays. In Chinese medicine, the bias has long been used for various pain problems such as lumbar pain.

The sides of the stone are designed to treat:

  • The scalp
  • Improves skin tightness (regular use)
  • Cellulite
  • muscle tension
  • fascia
  • poor circulation
  • pain
  • the lymph flow (mainly with the "comb")
  • tight jaws and tight neck

Gua sha on the body
Perform Gua sha regularly for at least 5-10 min / time on clean and oily skin. Scrape / comb until you feel warmth and the skin turns pink.

Wash in mild soap and water after each use. Dry with a towel and never allow to dry by itself. Be careful; if you drop the stone on the floor, it will break! The logo is engraved in the stone and loses its color over time.

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