Multi Gua Sha & Roller
Multi Gua Sha & Roller

Multi Gua Sha & Roller

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Multi Gua Sha & Roller is a stainless steel multi tool for both face and body. Provides an increased circulation, glow, reduces lines, wrinkles, cellulites and muscle tension.

  • Immediately gives the face a better circulation and better luster. Regular use also results in lines, wrinkles and skin tightness.
  • Use your massage tool on your body for circulation, tense muscles and for better lymph flow. In regular use, results can also be seen on cellulite and tense fascia.

The massage tool comes in a white box with a black bag and instruction card.

How to use on the face
Use the tool's long sides or the v-shaped short side along the skin with the tool at a 15-45 degree angle. Work from the bottom up, inside and out until the skin has a slightly rosy color. The pressure should be soft to medium. Use the long sides with lifting pull over the forehead. You can then take one of the tips and work more concentrated on any problem areas; lines around the mouth, define cheekbones, raise eyebrows, work with lines, etc. Remember to keep you skin taught with some fingers as you work a little deeper. You can also use any of the long sides with the roller for further variation. The roller alone can be used all over the face but is extra good for reducing swelling under the eyes (pulling with super-light pressure inside and out) or for lifting the eyebrows (medium depth over the eyebrow with focus on lifting).

Use at least 5 min / day for optimal effect. Combine with regular salon treatments at one of our retailers for tailormade advice on your skin.

Hot to use on the body 
Drag the tool at a 15-90 degree angle over the selected area. Adjust pressure and speed for your desired result; Quickly with light pressure for circulation and to work with the superficial layers. Slowly with a little more pressure if you wish to work deeper.

Start with a lighter pressure. Then pull some slower and deeper moves as the circulation starts to flow take even the deeper layers. Remember to work across a larger area and not just where you have problems.

Wash off with soap and water and wipe dry with a soft towel. It is important to keep the tool clean to avoid bacteria.

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