Heart Wave Gua Sha
Heart Wave Gua Sha

Heart Wave Gua Sha

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Rose Quartz Gua Sha 

CHIA HOLISTIC BEAUTY & MASSAGE creates Hig Quality Gua Sha and checks every piece for imperfections. A lot of crystal beauty tools today are made from fake crystals but Chia guarantees that they are made from High-Quality Crystals. 

Heart Wave Gua Sha in Rose Quartz is a Gua Sha stone that is great for those who want more glow and work with tension on the face. Rose Quartz provides harmony and suits even the more sensitive and reactive skin (the Rose Quart roller is great as a compliment).


  • Increases circulation on the face and gives more glow (immediate effect!)
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles (regular use)
  • Improves firmness of the skin with regular use
  • Relieves muscle tension and tense fascia (connective tissue)
  • Affects the lymph flow, which reduces swelling and defines the face

Natural variations
Natural variations in thickness and color can occur because Gua Sha is handmade and of natural materials.

Please see the video on this page to learn how to use it.

Work with light to medium pressure until the skin has a rosy color. Adjust the pace and pressure to make it feel comfortable. Angle the gua sha tool at a 15-45 degree angle. If you want to work more on specific wrinkles or on tight jaws, you work with the pointed side or the wave-shaped part with zigzag movements at a 45-90 degree angle across the muscle.

Wash in mild soap and water after each use. Dry with a towel and never allow to dry by itself. Be careful; if you drop the stone on the floor, it will break! The logo is engraved in the stone and loses its color over time.

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