Garshan Gloves
Garshan Gloves

Garshan Gloves

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Garshan gloves in raw silk for peeling, detoxing, reduce swelling and get a better flow.

Massage with garshan gloves improves lymph flow and affects detoxification at the cellular level. Excellent for those who detox, suffer from swelling, fatigue, dry skin and cellulite, etc.

Massage with light pressure toward the lymph stations (armpits, collarbone, groin). The massage can also be a little more vigorous with fast rubbing strokes back and forth to improve blood circulation. Perfect as a 5 minute morning routine!

The massage is done on dry skin without oil for approx. 5 minutes (preferably up to every day). Can be performed on the whole body.

2 raw silk gloves come in a white satin bag.

Wash at 30 degrees after every use. 

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