Complextion Brush
Complextion Brush
Complextion Brush
Complextion Brush

Complextion Brush

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ILIAs Complexion Brush is designed to easily apply and buff product into the skin, including hard to reach places. The sustainably harvested wood handle is complemented by soft bristles that are made of synthetic, man-made fiber. 

All of our brushes are cruelty-free and easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

            Use small, circular motions to seamlessly blend complexion products into the skin for a natural finish. Build coverage by working in layers. 

            To clean: 

            • Dampen bristles.
            • Massage a mild soap into bristles and rise with warm water. 
            • Lay flat until fully dry.
            Handle: Aluminum and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.
            Bristles: PBT (a synthetic, man-made fiber).

            What type of formulas should I use with this brush?

            The Complexion Brush can be used with liquid and cream formulas.

            Which ILIA products do you recommend using with this brush?

            Our Complexion Brush pairs well with True Skin Serum ConcealerTrue Skin Serum Foundation and Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40.

            Are your brushes vegan?

            Yes! Our brushes use synthetic, man-made fiber for the bristles and are 100% vegan.

            How should I wash my ILIA brushes?

            You can easily clean your ILIA with mild soap and warm water, then lay them flat to dry. To extend the life of your brushes, please avoid soaking.  

            Are ILIA brushes recyclable?

            Yes. Our brushes are crafted with aluminum and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Wood.

            What's the benefit of brushes over a makeup sponge?

            Synthetic hairs don’t soak up makeup (liquids) as much as natural hair or makeup sponge will. This means you will save more product in the long run with synthetic brushes, as less product is wasted. 

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