Breeze Aroma Diffuser

Breeze Aroma Diffuser

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Create an optimal, aromatic environment with Living Libations Breeze Aroma Diffuser that mists molecules of essential oils to add aromatic ambiance and microscopic inspiration to care for the air in bedrooms, living rooms, studios, and offices. Simply combine the essential oils you want to diffuse in water, and inhale the airy mixture of molecules that cleanse, purify and refresh any atmosphere. Pure, organic essential oils micro-misted into the air enter your body through the breaths and seed their pure plant potency. Within moments, feelings uplift, breathing deepens, and clarity and creativity flow.

Our Breeze Aroma Diffuser allows you to unleash the full spiritual and aromatherapeutic potential of our organic essential oils absolutely anywhere – from your workspace to your secret place!

This aroma diffuser is a robust, 110-ml diffuser that offers 4.5 straight hours of air purification. It can be used to humidify your space as the aromatherapeutic powers of essential oils are unleashed. With each inhalation, these molecules enter the body – offering a blast of beneficial botanicals to your body and spirit.

Relaxing oils immediately begin to calm and compose; energizing oils burst through feelings of sluggishness and tiredness; clarifying oils begin to clear the air, freeing you to breathe deeply.

Use Living Libations Breeze Aroma Diffuser along with your favorite essential oils to help you:

  • Concentrate during work or study.
  • Relax after a long day.
  • Ease the transition to sleep.
  • Deepen breathing.
  • Enhance the depth of your meditation.

Feel the difference in the way you sleep, work and play – inspire your thinking and encourage clarity as you inhale deeply and exhale stress and imbalance. Diffusing allows you to truly become one with every oil you unleash into the air!

  1. Remove the glass cover.
  2. Fill the water reservoir to the maximum fill line.
  3. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite Living Libations Essential Oil of Diffuser Blend to the water.
  4. Replace the cover and plug in the diffuser.
  5. Press the button once to turn on the LED light and mist, or twice to only turn on the mist.
  6. Inhale, exhale, enjoy! The diffuser will auto-stop when the water runs out. Be sure not to refill the water while the diffuser is still plugged in.

Size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 7"

Diffusing time: 4.5hrs Continuous / 9hrs Intermittent

Operating Modes: Continuous / Intermittent / Off

Light Modes: Color Rotating / Fixed / Off

Capacity: 110 ml

Coverage: up to 1000sq ft

Power: 100-240 VAC

Material: Natural Bamboo with frosted glass lid, BPA Free Plastic

Timer Options: 1 or 2 hour time options

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