Ærlig - samples

Ærlig - samples

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Organic Perfume

Complete package with scent samples on P1, P2 and P3.

P1 - The notes are peonies, coffee, coriander and soothing white musk that awakens the senses.

P2 - The rose scent is accompanied by lychee and jasmine with hints of patchouli, vetiver and vanilla.

P3 - A different and exciting scent with tones of rose, vanilla, orchid and with tones from praline.

Environment and Allergy Considerations

Fascinating fragrances, allergy-friendly and sustainable

ærlig are perfumes with absolutely fantastic scents without the 26 substances that the EU Cosmetics Directive believes can cause allergies. In addition, sustainability is considered in both content and packaging.

The perfume is for those who want to be pampered with pure and honest luxury.

Honest, simple, and unique

ærlig is inspired by Nordic simplicity and the feminine aesthetic. The luxurious packaging, the beautiful bottle, and the wonderful scent offer in its simplicity a sublime experience.

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