Sandalwood Nut - Santalum spicatum

Also known as Sandalwood Seed oil, this key ingredient contains rare and fulsome fatty acids. Sandalwood Nut oil is packed with oleic and ximenynic acids. The pure, organic oil contained in Sandalwood nuts has been used for thousands of years to diminish dry skin, balance overly oily skin, and soothes and smoothes skin tone to its finest texture.

Sandalwood - Santalum album

Succulent Sandalwood is the perfect antidote for sun drenched skin that is hot and dehydrated. It helps the skin retain more moisture, reduces the appearance of scars and age spots, and clears pores. Sandalwood is an ancient body and face oil beloved as a calming, soothing tonic. The honey-syrup scented essence satiates dry, sensitive skin.

Frankincense - Boswellia carterii

This is a holy, quintessential essence for cultivating the skin’s reverence. Liquid pearls from the tree of life, Frankincense is distilled from the resinous sap of the tree. Anointed and inhaled in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, this fine, fragrant oil increases the skin’s resilience. Holding the wisdom of the ages, Frankincense is formidable for soothing the appearance of scars, smoothing uneven skin, and minimizing melasma. This oil is a terrific tonic that has been used for thousands of years to fortify skin.

Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha

Munificent Myrrh has been used as an age-defying facial oil since biblical times when it was applied to smooth wrinkles and firm sagging skin. The sacred sap of Myrrh was also used to soothe eczema, hydrate dry skin, relax redness, and shield skin from the elements.

Cape Chamomile - Eriocephalus punctulatus

Cape Chamomile is one of our favorite and most popular Libations! It revitalizes and refreshes the skin. The blue hue offers is cooling cocktail that relaxes redness and calms the skin, as well as the spirit. This uplifting essential oil exudes a beautiful, fine fruity-floral fragrance that is one of my favorite aromas.

Sweet Thyme - Thymus linalool

Sweet Thyme is as strong as it is soft! It contains all the fortifying and toning power of the other types of Thyme oils without causing irritation as it purifies pores. It is known to stimulate and energize the body and mind while being mild enough for use on sensitive skin. Sweet Thyme is a treasured ingredient in our gentle skincare serums.

Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

Yarrow yield’s its opulent azulene content to caress skin into calms and this essence is a balm to balance skin oil and sebum.

Lemon - Citrus limon

Luscious Lemon clarifies, energizes, and purifies the skin from head to toe. It is excellent in cleansers for acne and bumps. Lemon tones, firms, and infuses skin with resilience.