Neroli Blossoms - Citrus aurantium Gracious groves of Orange trees bloom blossoms of this ambrosial aroma. The distilled essential oil, Neroli, is light and lovely and the absolute distillation is luxurious aromatic dream of heady florals and nuanced greens. To create these exquisite essence, 880 pounds of flowers are harvested to make one pound of oil. When distilled to perfection, the absolute offers a far richer, more mysterious experience than steam-distilled neroli for knowing noses. This honeyed, sultry, scent has been lovingly applied by natural perfumers and floral fans for centuries. It is unabashed, exotic, and seriously sexy!.
Jasmine Sambac - Jasminum sambac Juicy Jasmine is wild-crafted in India, drawn from the fragrant depths of night-blooming jasmine sambac blossoms. Unlike jasmine grandiflorum, which opens its petals to the dawn, Jasmine Sambac communes with the mystery of the moon and stars, capturing the fragrant essence of endless warm nights.
Vanilla - Vanilla planifolia Velvety Vanilla is an infamous inspirer of desire. Its sweet embrace of honeyed warmth melts tensions away while relaxing into play!
Hay - Hierochloe alpina Harmonious Hay essence captures the countrified aroma of a sweet, summer day. Steam distilled from French countryside hay, this aromatic oil offers fascinating tendrils of dried apricot and honeyed-amber. Reminiscent of sweet grass, tranquil top notes give a sense of slower time, as a sweet summer day makes way for sparkling twilight.
Tangerine - Citrus reticulata This radiant, tangy essence sings a soothing song while infusing Night Flight with an understated sheen of tangerine dream.
Massoia Bark - Cryptocarya massoia Majestic Massoia intermingles with hay to create a delectable butterscotch note that sweetens the journey along your Night Flight. Faint traces of coconut make massoia bark an exciting, unexpected base note in this blend.
Blood Orange - Citrus sinensis The sunny citrus tang of Blood Orange harmonizes frazzled feelings and washes over worries. Inhale gladness and exhale gratitude.
Yuzu - Citrus junos Yummy Yuzu is a sunny, citrus burst of sweet scent! Calming and carefree, this oil brings laughter and glee to liberty. With zest similar to a grapefruit or mandarin, the yuzu fruit is widely used in culinary creations and soaking in steamy baths. This fantastically aromatic citrus-circus with floral overtones lights up the night in our Venus perfume.
Organic Biodynamic Alcohol Organic Biodynamic Alcohol serves as a carrier for our petal perfumes and forest colognes, allowing each botanical to effortlessly infuse the skin with aromatic wonders. This organic, biodynamic alcohol is of the utmost quality and is triple-filtered for purity. Produced from certified organic grapes, it is independently tested to ensure it meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for pure, organic, pharmaceutical grade alcohol.