We are sure that our products are of good quality and many of our kitchen appliances and other items under the category HOME are covered by the warranty.

The length of the guarantee

All warranties apply from the date of purchase and for the number of years specified in the text for each individual product.

What steps are being taken to solve the problem?

In the event of an error, the customer can contact info@lifeofdetox.se and describe what has happened. Then we determine whether the problem is covered by the warranty or not. Then we assess whether we can try to resolve the error through communication or whether it needs to be sent back for repair. If the product cannot be repaired, Life Of Detox will replace it with a similar or comparable product. In these cases, Life Of Detox pays for repairs, spare parts, labor and shipping. Provided that the product can be repaired without special costs for Life Of Detox. Repairs that have not been approved by Life Of Detox or any authorized person will not be reimbursed. Replaced parts go to Life Of Detox. If the item is no longer sold by Life Of Detox, Life Of Detox offers a suitable replacement item. It is Life Of Detox that decides what is a suitable replacement product.

Warranty terms

The guarantee applies from the product's original date of purchase. The order receipt must be presented for the guarantee to apply. The guarantee does not apply to products that have been stored or installed incorrectly, used in an inappropriate or incorrect way, changed to appearance / function or cleaned with the wrong cleaning method or incorrect cleaning products. The warranty does not normally cover wear, scratches, marks or damage caused by shocks or an accident. The guarantee does not apply if the product has been placed outdoors or in a humid environment, or if the product has been used in a context other than for home use, unless otherwise is stated.

Care instructions

You must have followed the product's care instructions to be able to use the warranty. You will find the care instructions in the packaging that came with the product.


If you have any further thoughts or questions, please contact us at info@lifeofdetox.se