How do I use True Skin Serum Concealer as an undereye concealer?
Apply 3 dots of concealer below the eye, then use your ring finger or our Complexion Brush to gently blend it out before setting with Soft Focus Finishing Powder. For a brightening effect, we recommend going one shade lighter.

Is this formula buildable?
Yes, the formula is buildable. If you set the first layer with a very sheer dusting of the Soft Focus Finishing Powder, you can reapply for more coverage.

Will this crease or settle into fine lines?
Because this featherweight formula melts into skin rather than sitting on top of it, creasing is minimal - if at all. It also contains Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. For clients who struggle with creasing, set with our Soft Focus Finishing Powder to absorb excess moisture.

Can this be used on spots as well as under eye?
Yes. The formula is powered by active levels of Mastic (a resin from a tree that grows in Greece) to mattify and refine the skin.

Why does the concealer contain stabilized Vitamin C?
We use an oil-soluble, stable form of Vitamin C to help build the skin’s defense against free radicals and encourage healthy collagen production, providing brightening and firming benefits. It’s makeup plus skincare.