Are any of the Tinted Lip Conditioner shades made with natural dyes?
Yes, Bang BangBlossom Lady and Arabian Knights.

The color comes out too sheer? Am I applying it incorrectly?
One swipe of Tinted Lip Conditioner provides a sheer wash of color. Several swipes builds to a richer hue.

Is Tinted Lip Conditioner vegan?
No, this nourishing formula contains ethically sourced and organic Beeswax.

What's the difference between Tinted Lip Conditioner and Color Block High Pigment Lipstick?
Tinted Lip Conditioner feels like a balm and wears like a tint. It's a nourishing, moisturizing formula.

Which one of the shades are the original 6?
Arabian NightsNobody’s BabyBlossom Lady and Bang Bang.

Why not use something other than Beeswax?
Beeswax is an excellent wax that helps improve the performance of the formula. We worked with an ethical organic Beeswax supplier in the Pacific Northwest.