How long will my Secret Ceres last?
With regular use (1x per week), Secret Ceres will on average last for 10 - 12 month. However it does not expire after that time. This amounts to an investment of $10/month or 35 cents/day into your intimate hygiene. With each use the healing herbs and Kaolin clay will be dissolved and absorbed causing it to gradually reduce in size. With frequent external use on larger skin parts it will be used up faster.

Should I wash my vagina with soap or shower gel after using Secret Ceres?NO. Please DO NOT use any soaps or washes in conjunction with Secret Ceres as the pH inside the vagina is now being rebalanced and chemical substances will have the opposite effect. Due to the perfectly balanced pH, odour causing bacteria and microorganisms cannot grow and you will feel perfectly fresh and clean for the next few days until your next application.

Can I use Secret Ceres in the shower or bath?
NO. Please do not use Secret Ceres in the shower or bath, as the water will cause the wand to dissolve. After each use, always carefully dry Secret Ceres with a towel.

Is it necessary to stop using soap and washing liquid when using Secret ceres for intimate hygiene?
We generally recommend that women shall abstain from chemical / artificial washing solutions in their intimate area. Secret Ceres naturally balances the flora and eliminates dead skin as well as any odor, leaving the vagina cleansed and fresh after the shedding of the dead skin cells. We recommend women only use water and a wash cloth to remove any dead skin cells between the inner and outer labia and the prepuce surrounding the clitoris. If a woman does not feel comfortable without using a wash lotion, she may continue to do that but should make sure it is a natural and soap-free product, to maintain her rebalanced flora.

Is it okay to use natural ointments, oils, essential oils on my intimate area and in my vulva or does it interfere with the effect?
It is ok to use natural oils and ointments in between the labia and mild oils such as coconut oil may be used inside the vulva.

What is vaginal odor?
Vaginal Odor is defined as an unpleasant smell, usually resulting from a pH imbalance which has allowed for proliferation of odor-causing microorganisms in the vagina. Vaginal odor may be fishy, sometimes signifying Bacterial Vaginosis, or yeasty, signifying a Yeast Infection.

What is causing my bad vaginal odor?
Vaginal odor is often the result of a vaginal pH imbalance and not necessarily because of lack of hygiene but wrong hygiene (see our detailed section on Intimate Hygiene. At times using the wrong products or chemical ingredients in products can cause the imbalance and result in unpleasant odor. The optimal range of vaginal pH is 3.5 to 4.5, and yet when imbalanced, it allows odor-causing microorganisms to flourish. This may lead to an unpleasant odour and successively even to vaginal infections.

Can I use Secret Ceres to get rid of vaginal odor?
YES. Secret Ceres can help eliminate and prevent unpleasant vaginal odor. Maintaining a healthy vaginal pH can help ensure that the bacteria that is naturally present in your vagina is balanced and odor-causing microorganisms will not be able to flourish. 

What does pH balance mean?
pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH of a substance is signified by a number from 0-14. The lower the value, the more acidic the substance. Distilled water is neutral, with a pH of 7.

What is the normal pH balance for the vagina?
The ideal pH level in the vagina is between 3.5 - 4.5 (slightly acidic) and important for maintaining good vaginal health. At this optimum pH level, your vagina contains a balance of necessary bacteria and some yeast cells. This delicate balance can be easily disturbed (by poor diet, chemical soaps, chemical douching, etc.) A healthy vaginal pH can be maintained by using Secret Ceres once a week or when an imbalance is most likely to occur.

What is a Microflora?
The word “microflora” refers to the live microscopic organisms that populate different areas of the body, including the vagina, the mouth and intestinal system. The beneficial ones act as protective agents and strengthen the immune system. There are also destructive strains which can weaken the body. It is important to maintain a properly balances microflora where the beneficial organisms are dominant. This will keep the intimate area free from infections, inflammation, and other imbalances.

My doctor says my vagina is self cleansing and there is no need to wash inside of my vagina.
Your vagina is self cleansing but your vulva is not. Culturally hygiene routines and body care regimes vary. In Middle Eastern, African, Asian and South American cultures it is common to use floral vaginal washes to wash inside of the vulva as well as herbal steams and clays to nurture, purify and tone the vagina and sexual organs. In western cultures it is proclaimed to not tamper with the mucous environment of the vaginal flora, whilst oral hygiene on the other hand is widely propagated and practiced. The mucous skin in your vagina is very similar to that inside of your mouth. While the mouth produces saliva to cleanse itself we have developed tools to support a clean oral environment, by cleansing our moth on a regular basis. Before the invention off the tooth brush ulcers, bad breath and bacteria in the oral  mucous environment were common, in the same manner that various issues are common among women today due to lack of care of their most precious environment, that is often surrounded by a lot of shame and taboo. Every woman must decide for herself what feels most natural and comfortable to her. 

My doctor says that it is normal for the vagina to have a certain smell to it and that recurring infections and discharge are normal for women to experience from time to time.
It is true that over 50% of women suffer of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), recurring yeast or bacterial infection and many of bacterial vaginosis (and as a result a smelly vagina). The reasoning behind so many doctors writing this off as normal is, because the majority of women especially in the western world have the same symptoms. However just because everyone suffers of a particular issue, does not mean that this state is ideal or "normal" and should be accepted or maintained.

Can I use Secret Ceres more than once a week if I experience vaginal mycoses or candida? 
We recommend that women use it 1-2 times per week when experiencing imbalances. Secret Ceres will stabilize and balance the natural flora. As a result, imbalances will disappear. 

Is it possible to use the Secret Ceres when a woman uses vaginal medication, antibiotics, or anti-fungal ointment – and how to affect the treatment? 
We do not recommend using Secret Ceres in conjunction with artificial substances. You may use Secret Ceres after the duration of your treatment to avoid any interference. 

Can I continue to use my secret ceres after using it during a bacterial imbalance or will the bacteria be on the wand?
The wand is alkaline and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Therefore it is safe to continue using the same Secret Ceres wand that you used during your imbalance.

Should I disinfect my wand after each use or rinse it with hot water?
Due to the alkaline composition of Secret Ceres, bacteria do not foster on the wand. Secret Ceres is a 100% natural product and should not come in contact with harsh solutions or chemicals. The crystals contained in the wand are sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. Thus please do not rinse Secret Ceres under very cold or hot water as this may cause the crystals to expand or contract, which can cause it to crack.