Which shade should I use?

Decades pairs well with True Skin Serum Foundation shades 1-6 and Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 shades 1-9. Starstruck pairs well with True Skin Serum Foundation shades 7-13 and Super Serum Skin Tint shades 10-18. However, we always invite you to “make up the rest” and play with whichever you’re drawn to.

Can Starstruck be used as a bronzer on fair skin?

For even the fairest skin tones, Starstruck is not deep enough to be a bronzer. However, you can mix DayLite Highlighting Powders and NightLite Bronzing Powders together to warm up the highlighter or add luminosity to the bronzer.

Will DayLite Highlighting Powder emphasize my fine lines?

No. DayLite Highlighting Powder was formulated with Silica Beads, which provide a soft focus finish and absorptive benefits that prevent creasing. We’ve also included Jojoba to hydrate skin and diffuse fine lines.

How is the payoff different from Liquid Light Serum Highlighter or Illuminator?

The main difference is the texture since this is a powder formula (which is used at a different time in the application process). You can use DayLite Highlighting Powder to achieve a subtle glow or a more vibrant highlight after setting your cream-based makeup, and even use it in tandem with your favorite Liquid Light or Illuminator.

What do you use instead of Talc? 

This formula uses ethically sourced Mica as a safe replacement for Talc.

How is your Mica sourced?

We work closely with our sources to ensure our clean and ethical standards are upheld. Most of the Mica we use comes from India, and we ask each of our manufacturers for certificates from their suppliers to ensure ethical practices are in place.

What is the Zinc Stearate used for? 

Zinc Stearate is a fatty acid that’s used as a clean base. This lightweight white powder helps to deliver super blendable and rich pigment.

Can you mix the DayLite Highlighting Powders and NightLite Bronzing Powder?

Yes. Try adding DayLite Highlighting Powder to NightLite Bronzing Powder for more luminosity, or NightLite to DayLite for some extra warmth.

Which order should I apply products if I’m also using a cream blush and the DayLite Highlighting Powder?​

We always invite you to “make up the rest” and play around to find which order feels right to you, but here’s what we suggest:

  1. Start with NightLite Bronzing Powder. 
  2. Follow with your choice of cream blush (like your favorite Multi-Stick or Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment).
  3. Complete the look with DayLite Highlighting Powder.