What dyes are used in the lipsticks? Why are they not all natural dyes?

We use a combination of natural pigments and food-grade dyes. Food grade dye is a synthetic form of color. The choice to use food-grade dye was preferred over the use of Carmine (crushed beetle skin) when formulating certain lip colors in order to obtain a stronger hue.

What is the wear power?

It is our longest lasting formula and is formulated with four times more pigment than any lipstick ILIA has ever made.

What's the finish?

Creamy and rich. Blot with a tissue and our Soft focus Finishing Powder for a matte look.

Do I need a lipliner ?

This rich formula is feather-free, so only if you want to.

I have super dry lips. Can I still wear this formula?

Yes, Color Block High Pigment Lipstick is rich with conditioning oils, such as organic Castor Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil to nourish and soften lips. For boosted hydration, prep lips with Balmy Days Lip Conditioner, which will also sheer out the formula a little.

Can you use Color Block High Pigment Lipstick with the Tinted Lip Conditioner?

Yes. Many customers apply Tinted Lip Conditioner in between lipstick applications to boost hydration and revive the color.