When do I use Blue Light Mist?

You can use Blue Light Mist after your makeup or skincare routine to seal everything in with light, non-sticky hold. You can also mist throughout the day as needed to hydrate and refresh your skin.

What is blue light?

Blue light (also known as high-energy visible or HEV light) is a wavelength of light emitted by tech devices, like smartphones, laptops, and TVs. Blue light exposure has been linked to skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, inflammation, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles.

How does Blue Light Mist protect from blue light?

Blue Light Mist helps neutralize free radicals caused by blue light before they can cause damage to the skin.

Does Blue Light Mist help protect from pollution?

Yes—the formula is infused with anti-pollution Marine Actives to help defend skin from environmental pollutants.

Does Blue Light Mist have a scent?

We formulated Blue Light Mist with a small amount of natural lavender to add a soothing, relaxing scent.

Does Blue Light Mist feel sticky or tacky?

Blue Light Mist may feel slightly tacky upon application, but it dries down to a weightless, non-sticky finish on skin.

Will Blue Light Mist make my makeup last longer?

We formulated Blue Light Mist to set makeup with light hold for longer-lasting wear. In an independent consumer test, 94% said that Blue Light Mist helped their makeup last longer.