Why did you reformulate Tinted Lip Conditioner?
To celebrate ILIA’s 10-year anniversary, we revisited our very first product—Tinted Lip Conditioner—to make it balmier, butterier, and more nourishing. It’s the same sheer wash of color you love, but with a more hydrating formula.

Which shade of ILIA Balmy Tint is closest to my favorite shade of Tinted Lip Conditioner?
If you liked Arabian Nights, you’ll love Wanderlust.
If you liked Bang Bang, you’ll love Heartbeats.
If you liked Little Sister, you’ll love Runaway.
If you liked Forever, you’ll love Memoir.
If you liked Europa, you’ll love Lady.
If you liked Nobody’s Baby, you’ll love Hold Me.

Does ILIA Balmy Tint have a scent?
Balmy Tint has a subtle vanilla scent.

Is ILIA Balmy Tint vegan?
Balmy Tint is cruelty-free but not vegan, due to a small amount of ethically sourced beeswax in the formula.

Is ILIA Balmy Tint glossy?
Balmy Tint has a dewy, balmy finish with a soft hint of shine.