What is an Eye Soot?

Unique to Rituel de Fille, Ash and Ember Eye Soots are dense, extraordinarily pigmented, long-wearing eye colors with a texture between a powder and cream. 

These beautiful pots of color can be used as a liner, a shadow or a primer, but they are not formulated like any of those. Instead, they are a carefully balanced, extremely minimal formulation based on just natural pigment and a touch of oil. The secret is in how they are mixed and filled, using artistry and technique that creates their unique texture. All of this must be done by hand as they don't contain any waxes, so they cannot simply be melted and poured into their jars like a standard cream shadow or liner. 

No wax in the formulas also means that they will not melt with the warmth of your skin, making them highly resistant to creasing and fading. The colors will maintain their vibrancy and stay where applied for a remarkably long time. 

Why is the packaging so unusual?

You might notice that the opening of the jars seems small compared to what you may expect from a standard eye shadow or gel liner. Though it may surprise you when you open your first jar, this is by design. As these are unusual products unlike anything else, and they have a totally different texture than shadows and liners you may be used to, you will want to pick up the color differently too. The packaging gently guides you toward the best way to use your Eye Soot: though you might be used to swiping horizontally, Eye Soots should be picked up with vertical pressure instead. The color transfers and applies much better this way.

How do I pick up and apply product?

With either fingertips or brushes, apply vertical pressure; think pressing, rather than just swiping. And unlike traditional pressed eye shadows, you don't have to be delicate with your Eye Soots as the product can't crack or shatter.

We recommend using dense, firmer bristled brushes to be able to pick up the most product, and some of the easiest shapes to start with are smudge brushes and angled liner brushes. However, once you are used to the texture and application of Ash and Ember Eye Soots, you'll find that eyeshadow application can be done with a wide array of brush styles.

Should I use an additional primer under my Eye Soot?

We use our Eye Soots themselves as primers, and many Rituelists do as well—they are a true all-in-one eye product. If you are new to the world of Rituel de Fille, we suggest you try application on bare skin first to get a feel for how your colors will apply and wear on you.

However, whether or not to use an additional primer is ultimately a matter of preference and individual needs. If you have extremely oily lids and have trouble keeping any product in place, you may want to apply a base layer of your favorite primer before applying your Eye Soot. If you do choose to use an additional primer: we have found that particularly dry primer formulas can cause some skipping upon initial application of Eye Soots, but this should be easily blended out with a brush or fingertip.