Use 1-3 min over a smaller area and 3-5 min over a larger area (or a area of more tension). Work up a heat and redness in the skin by applying oil and then quickly pull the tool back and forth both vertically and horizontally over the skin. Work with fast and light movements and gradually work deeper and deeper after a period of use. You can also work with the two spikes on the sides to go a little deeper (slower moves with more pressure) as well as treating trigger points.

For best effect use after shower, bath, sauna or workout when the body is warm.

See the body as a whole, this means that tension and blockage in one part of the body can cause problems in other parts. For example, tension in the calf or under  the foot can lead to neck problems and if we only treat the neck we treat only the symptom and not the cause. To avoid this, go through the whole body in a week, but focus more on areas of concern (eg tight neck, cellulite, bad circulation, pain in the forearms, etc.).

Use with a balm or massage oil. Arnica balm i s really good to warm the tissues and speed up recovery if you get bruised.