Always apply a suitable body oil before you start gua sha. Place the stone at a 15-90 degree angle to the body and begin to treat (15-45 degree angle to the face).

use the flat side first, then continue with the small "teeths" until the area begins to soften and warm up before you use the bigger "teeths". Good effect on cellulite in the long term. Cellulite is not a Quick fix so you can count on 6-24 months depending on your own commitment and what kind of cellulite you have.

the curved part with "teeth" is perfect for treating neck, forehead and scalp. Use the flat side for the whole face.Body:
Use all angles. The smaller tip of the tool can also be used to treat trigger points or to rub on tight areas.Comes in black bag with instruction card. A broschyre can be downloaded after purchase.