3 Cleaning Modes
• Normal for superior teeth cleaning.
• Soft for sensitive gums and teeth.

• Pulse for gum stimulation.

3 Advanced Brushes
• Sunrise cleaning brush’s wavy bristles contour to the teeth for a deep, biofilm removing clean in the morning.
• Sunset polishing brush has soft bristles on the inside and ultra-soft bristles on the outside to massage the gums and polish the teeth at night.

• Gum-line + Interdental brush that cleans the gum line, the backs of teeth, and around braces.

Long-Lasting Charge

Sonic Shine is water-resistant and stays charged for over one month, which means that you can leave the charger at home. The handle has a charging color indicator ring to alert you to the battery level.

Kit includes:
1 Toothbrush handle
1 Charging station
1 Sunrise cleaning brush head
1 Sunset polishing brush head
1 Gum-line and interdental brush head

**Toothbrush color and detailing may vary.

Dental professionals recommend replacing brush heads every three months for optimal results.