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Natural mosquito repellent
balm with help of essential oils.
Rituel de Fille has formulated this luxurious serum which is based on oil but feels like water and sinks easily into the skin. Contains botanical plants such as Marula oil, Rosehip oil and Bulgarian Rose oil.
We are obsessed about it!
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Oil cleansing
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The Asian secret
Gua sha Roller
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When you are picky with the ingredients, you always check the ingredient list in our products. Even in those that are pure and organic. With Life of Detox I dont have to do that, beacuse then I know that everything is as clean as it can get. And the costemer services is personal and super good! 

Dermatotherapy, Sweden

I shop at Life of Detox for the high quality of the products and the fast and personal customer service. I gladly stand by the company's values, which want to promote good health among its customers. It´s a company I proudly recommend to everyone to buy from.

Sociologist/ Herbal educator

I buy all my skincare and hair care products from Life of Detox because of their high standard and because they live up to my expectations. I feel confident that Zoria (the owner) only buys good and durable products. Then the fantastic and personal service I received is a huge plus. The packages come nicely wrapped and it always feels a bit special to open them up.

Social Secretary, Sweden